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Help & Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I register for Travel Agent University?

To register in Travel Agent University:
Click the button labeled "Register Now For Free."
Enter your name and agency ID (ARC/IATA/TRUE or CLIA number) and click the "Sign Up" button.
Answer the questions in the forms that follow.
When you have completed the form, we will send you a confirmation/activation e-mail.
Click the activation link in that e-mail, and you will be able to use Travel Agent University.
(Be sure that your spam filter allows e-mail from BEFORE you fill out the form!)

How much does TAU cost?

Travel Agent University never charges for its courses. On rare occasions, individual course sponsors may set a fee.

I cannot see Alumni Alerts for a course that I passed. Why not?

Alumni Alertss are linked to live lessons; when a course is discontinued, the Alumni Alerts are also discontinued.

I forgot my password - can you help?

Use the password help link below: enter your agency ID and name, you'll get your password reminder. If that doesn't help, we'll e-mail your password. If your e-mail address has changed, use the form below to send your name, agency ID# and new e-mail address. Password Help

I have more than one account - how can I get all of my benefits under a single account?

If you've accidentally created more than one account, it's a good idea to merge them. In the form below, type "New ID:" and the ID number that you want to keep, and "Old IDs:" with all of the ID numbers to merge. Be sure that the New ID information is complete and up to date - including your preferences profile.

I moved to a new agency - how do I change that in my profile?

To change your agency ID,

(1) Click "MY ACCOUNT" link at top right of TAU Home Page
(2) Select "My Profile" tab
(3) Delete current agency ID, type in your new agency ID with NO spaces or hyphens
(4) Click "Save Changes" button at bottom
(5) Form switches to "My Agency" tab
(6) Be sure all required fields are filled in correctly, then click "Save Changes"

Is there a way for me to show the dates of my exams?

Yes. For proof of date, print out the My Diplomas page or the My Scores page - they both list the exam dates for each test.

My diploma prints without my name - how can I fix this?

Use the Ctrl-P keyboard shortcut to print the diploma, or right-click on top of your name and select "Print..." from the context menu. If you see "Print Picture..." as a choice, it won't work.

Some of my exams seem to be missing from my account - how can I get them back?

You may be "missing" exams if they were "affiliate" programs (hosted by another organization, even though linked through Travel Agent University). Look at the bottom of the Diploma and Exam screens under "My Account" for a list of affiliate programs. Also, the exam may be missing if you took it under a different ID number. Sometimes people create new accounts when they change agencies, lose passwords or get married. You can use the form below to ask the Registrar to look for duplicate accounts.

What are CEUs and how do I get them?

CEUs are Continuing Education Units, and they are issued by The Travel Institute to Certified Travel Consultants and Certified Travel Associates (CTCs and CTAs) for completion of qualified educational programs. See The Travel Institute's web site for more details:

When I try to print my diploma, only my name prints, and nothing else. How can I fix this?

In your Internet Explorer preferences (Internet Options/Advanced), check "Print background colors and images" under Printing. Also, check that you're still logged in - click the "My Diplomas" tab. If that page doesn't appear, please log in again.

Where are my graduate newsletters?

Specialist newsletters are e-mailed on a schedule set by the course sponsor. If other agents have received the newsletter but you haven't, check your "spam" folder. Also, check your profile to be sure that your e-mail addresses are current (and accurate!). Also, if you "opt out" or "unsubscribe" to Questex, Travel Agent or Travel Agent University e-mail lists, we cannot send you further e-mails. Contact the Registrar if you wish to re-subscribe.

Where is my diploma?

For lessons that are hosted in Travel Agent University, you can print your own personalized diploma. Just look in "My Account" under diplomas, or visit the sponsor's page in "My Specialties."

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